Orange – Australia’s Colour City

Orange is a progressive regional city with a town population of around 40,000 people who live in approximately 13,000 homes. Our local economy is quite strong and we've always done well thanks to a gold mining enterprise about 30ks from town, a big emphasis on education and extensive medical facilities. Our Health Service, hospital if you prefer, rates among the best in the land and local medical facilities and services attract people from as far away as Broken Hill.
Orange also boasts an excellent mix of businesses and industries along with many first class facilities including a brilliant PCYC complex, a great Civic Theatre, an iconic golf course, beautiful parks, great sporting facilities and more. Our ever growing local food and wine industries also attract thousands and thousands of visitors to Orange each year with an annual F.O.O.D. Week becoming one of our signature events now.


The city itself, has genuine character thanks to the many trees and undulating landscape. Locals are treated to spectacular bursts of colour each year as the trees change colour and if you're here at the right time, you'll understand why we claim to be Australia's Colour City, it's absolutely beautiful when this happens.
It's also very hard to talk about Orange for too long before the weather becomes part of the conversation. The fact is, Orange can get quite cold in winter, freezing even, and that can come as a shock to the uninitiated, and for some people can be a real disincentive for living here. Winter may be cold in Orange, but the trade-off comes in Autumn, Spring and Summer when the weather can be absolutely glorious. 
Most people who call Orange home for a while tend to acclimatise and then come to love it. When it’s all said and done, for most who live here, Orange ticks all the boxes.