To make it more convenient for drivers who use the Ophir Car Park on the corner of Kite Street and Lords Place, the price of paid parking is coming down, for drivers who buy in bulk.    As of July 1, the price for a one month parking permit dropped to $50, however if drivers choose to pay per day with coins, the price remains $3 per day. 
City of Orange Traffic Committee Chair Cr Russell Turner said the price was dropped for long-term use permits to make parking easier for drivers going to work each day.
“We want to encourage drivers who use the car park regularly to buy long term permits because they are far more convenient,” Cr Turner said. 
“Drivers won’t have to waste time looking for coins and walking over to the machines to get a ticket. 
“They can come into the Byng Street office once a month, or purchase a 3 month, or 6 month permit and put it on the dashboard.
“You can still choose to pay $3 per day using coins, but if you choose to buy a permit the savings are significant.
“For someone who parks Monday to Friday, or about 22 days per month, there’s a saving of $16 a month, or almost $200 a year.
“Another convenience of the long-term permit is it can be transferred between cars. So you can share it with a colleague if you job share or share it between the family cars.”
Regular users of the Ophir Car Park may have received a leaflet under their windscreen over the last 10 days detailing the changes. 

The leaflets also reminded drivers parking officers would be patrolling the car park on a regular basis and cars without a permit or a coin-operated machine issued ticket will risk a fine.