As Orange City Council roads crews move from the building season to maintenance, Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Glenn Taylor is calling on the community to report any potholes. 
Cr Taylor said the latest road building season was a mammoth effort by the team. 
“Everyone who drives in Orange would have noticed the huge difference to our roads,” Cr Taylor said. 
“The record rainfall last year hammered us, it’s not an excuse but it certainly presented a large challenge and I think we rose to that challenge.
“We’ve completed more than 50 road reseals, rehabilitations, traffic improvements and major projects.
“The job is certainly not done yet and next season is looking just as big with Cargo Road, Leeds Parade and Forest Road on the hit list.”
The road building season started in October last year with a rehabilitation of Paling Street and since then local road crews and contractors have worked “flat out” to get the jobs done, Cr Taylor said. 
Larger reseals and rehabilitations include Summer Street East, March Street, Byng Street, Edward Street and Forest Road near Aerodrome Road. 
Major projects include a full upgrade of William Street with hot mix asphalt from March Street to Dalton Street, an upgrade of the bypass from the Mitchell Highway to Icely Road, an upgrade of Ophir Road from the bypass to the Resource Recovery Centre and the final layer of hot mix asphalt on the bypass from the Escort way to the Mitchell Highway. 
Crews were able to build the roundabout at Moulder Street and Woodward Street as well as six full sets of traffic blisters at crash hot spots across town.

 Work is still progressing on Clergate Road and a temporary seal will be put down over completed sections over the next few weeks to protect the surface until hot mix asphalt can be put down in the warmer months. 
At Burrendong Way, the road construction works to upgrade and widen the pavement have now been sealed.
Cr Taylor said the cold weather prevents some work from being done because bitumen and hot mix asphalt seals need warmer weather to allow for proper placement, compaction and curing. 
“Crews have now moved into maintenance and are out and about on the streets daily with the jet patcher as well as a cold mix crew,” Cr Taylor said. 
“We’ve caught up on the potholes from the horrendous weather conditions last year but potholes every now and then, on any roads, are inevitable.
“It’s important the community lets us know about any potholes via our website or by giving us a call so we can get onto them as soon as possible.
“To report a pothole you can go online to our website at and follow the links. 
“As soon as the weather warms up we’ll be hitting the roads with larger repairs and rebuilds.
“Forest Road, Cargo Road and Leeds Parade are all well due for an upgrade but those roads won’t be the only ones on the hit list. “