Orange’s newest street is open to traffic, taking the pressure off a nearby busy intersection. 
The new street in North Orange, an extension of Platinum Parade, is a new link road between Telopea Way and William Maker Drive.
The road was funded by Section 94 contributions from the developers of new housing estates.
Orange City Council’s Infrastructure committee chair Cr Glenn Taylor is pleased the first cars are using the new road.
“The North Orange area has proved its popularity by the number of new houses being built in that area, and that puts extra pressure on traffic numbers,” Cr Glenn Taylor said. “This new road is going to make a key difference to traffic flow.”
“Drivers coming away from the Waratahs sports complex will be able to avoid the traffic lights on the bypass by taking this street through into William Maker Drive, and vice versa.”
The new section of road is 340 metres long (from Telopea Way to a roundabout in Platinum Drive) and cost $ 950,000 to build. The project included kerb & guttering, stormwater drainage, street lighting and a bike walking pathway.
“The bends in the road are about keeping the speed of traffic down to a level that’s appropriate for a street that’s alongside sporting fields and car parks. 
“There’s a combined bike-walking path alongside the road so it’s a street with a lot of pedestrian activity nearby. For that reason there will be no parking zones right along the road.