Orange is one of only two locations in NSW on the new Australian edition of the Monopoly board.
The layout of the new board was chosen after a nationwide online poll in November last year.

Orange mayor John Davis OAM was in Sydney for today’s harbor-side announcement.
"When it comes to places to land in NSW, there's Sydney Harbour and then there's Orange,"
Orange Mayor John Davis said. "We're in the blue spot that used to be Mayfair! How good is that!"

"This is a credit to all the Orange locals and visitors who did the hard work of voting for Orange. Well done. Our council communications team and tourism promotion staff did a great job putting the word out at the time and asking people to vote."

“It’s impossible to put a value on how important this is to the ongoing promotion of Orange as a place to visit.

“The image the Monopoly chosen for the board shows a vineyard, Autumn leaves, some mountains, all the classic images of Orange. The actual image is a scene from the Borrdell vineyard so I’m delighted for Borry Gartrell and Gaye Stuart-Nairn for the lift they’ll get from this.”