The roll-out of the NSW Government’s introduction of the Fire & Emergency Services Levy (FESL) is under way in Orange with information sheets posted with the latest Orange City Council rates notice. 
The latest quarterly council rates notice, which has started arriving this week, includes Q & A information about the levy as well as a personalized letter about each home-owner’s property.
Orange Mayor John Davis OAM said the city council is collecting the levy on behalf of the NSW Government.
“Instead of paying for our fire and emergency services through charges on property insurance, the NSW Government is introducing a levy based on the value and the kind of property,” Cr John Davis said.
“The new levy won’t start until 1 July this year, but what residents can do at this stage is make sure their property is put in the correct category. The letter being received this week, makes it clear which category your property has been put it, whether it’s a house or a farm or some commercial property. 
”There’s also a different pricing category depending on whether your house is lived in or not. Residents should make sure the category is correct and if they want to challenge it, they should get in touch with the council. There’s a simple online form which will let residents ask the council to review the matter.”
There’s more info together with the review application form on the Orange City Council website at : levy
There’s also more about the NSW Government levy online at