Orange City Council’s construction of a new roundabout at the corner of Moulder and Woodward Streets is making progress with a new round of temporary changes to traffic-flow due to begin from next Monday (29 May).
The new roundabout is being built by Orange City Council with $260,000 funding from the Australian Government’s Black Spot program. The intersection was chosen because of its accident record.
Orange City Council’s Infrastructure Committee chair, Cr Glenn Taylor, is pleased with the project’s signs of progress.

“Currently the traffic in Woodward Street is being channelled into two lanes on the eastern side of the road, while the new roundabout is built on the western side of the road,” Cr Glenn Taylor said.
“Now the western half of the roundabout has been completed, so the construction site will switch to the eastern half of the intersection. Traffic in Woodward Street will move to the western half of the road.”
“The big difference is that access to that end of Moulder Street will have to be completely closed at the Woodward Street intersection.  Drivers in Woodward Street won’t be able to turn into Moulder. Drivers in Moulder will be stopped by detour signs at Sampson Street.

 “There’ll be clearly marked detours in place. There’s been letter-box drops for residents and staff have talked face to face with neighborhood businesses. All these business will be open as usual.  We realize there’s going to be inconvenience, but we’re asking for their patience in the interests of the long term value of getting this new roundabout built.”
“Regular users of that intersection know how long you can sit in Moulder Street waiting for a break in the Woodward Street traffic. That’s why this corner has attracted ‘Black Spot’ funding. Once the roundabout is finished, that’s going to do a lot to ease traffic flow in Moulder Street at that intersection.”
“Weather permitting that corner will be closed to Moulder Street for four to five weeks, so we’re asking drivers who use that intersection regularly to think ahead and plan for alternative routes.