The combination of school holidays, the Easter long weekend and Anzac Day are boosting traffic numbers on the region’s roads and prompting fears of more fatigue-related crashes.  
The ‘Free Cuppa for the Driver’ scheme in Central and South West NSW is targeting tired drivers this holiday period by offering a free cuppa to long distance drivers. 
When drivers travel more than 100 kilometres from the town on their drivers licence, between 1 March and 31 May every year, they are eligible for a free cuppa at participating businesses. Free Cuppa for the Driver is spread throughout 22 partnered local government areas that stretch from the Queensland border down to the Victorian border. Highways included within the participating areas include Castlereagh, Gwydir, Golden, Great Western, Hume, Mitchell, Newell and Oxley. 
Drivers can simply find the nearest participating towns and businesses by going onto the Free Cuppa website at, Facebook page or by downloading the Free Cuppa App on their smart phone or device. 
Orange City and Cabonne Shire Council’s Road Safety Officer, Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan is delighted there are more than ninety participating businesses this year. The businesses have Free Cuppa window decals and banners,  or sandwich boards at the front of their business to make them more identifiable. 
Both Free Cuppa for the Driver and Driver Reviver are important as fatigue is a big contributor to crashes on NSW roads and these schemes are vital in reducing the number of tired drivers on our roads. 
Commissioner of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association, Mark Gibson, believes sleeplessness is key problem