Recent debate around the Orange Bypass has raised important questions around the
future of the road, according Orange City Council Infrastructure Committee Chairman Cr
Glenn Taylor.

“I recently suggested a short closure of the road while roadworks are under way might
be one way of determining the road’s regional role. However, the bigger picture is how
should this road be funded in the future and what sort of status should it have?” Cr
Taylor said.

“I fought for ten years to get the original funding for the road and I have never
suggested it be handed to the NSW Government. It’s an Orange City Council road. It is
our responsibility and we have a plan to get it up to scratch. But it is doing much more
work than that of a local council road.”

“We have more work to do but there will be a time when it is worth a serious discussion
about how future maintenance is funded. This is an important road for the Orange
community but it also doing some heavy lifting for the region.”

“This road was built to remove heavy vehicles from Summer Street and it has been
highly successful in doing that. It has also opened up north Orange for residential,
commercial and industrial development. The bypass has been great for Orange but it
has also delivered benefits for people outside Orange.”

“There are some that choose to criticise the road and that is their right. I suggest they
drive it and see the work we have already done. There is more work to come but we are
on the right track.”