According to a report put to the latest council meeting, Orange City Council has achieved all but six of its goals for the end of the June 2016 quarter. There were about 150 tasks the Council aimed to achieve by the end of the quarter. Of those only three were not completed or had not been started. Of those three, two of them were stalled only because outside funding, needed for the project, could not be secured.

 Highlights for the quarter included:

* New fitness/gym equipment installed in Moulder Park catering for accessibility needs.
* Link bridge over Ploughman's Creek creating useful cycle link in Belair.

* Development application approved for the subdivision of the land purchased for the rectangular playing field.

*Lake Canobolas Mountain Bike Track open and fully operational.

*Gallery exhibited “Best in Show: Dogs in Australian Art” featuring 80 works with some 8000 visitors to the Gallery

*Completion of the Orange Regional Museum building.

*Delivery of 4780 meals as part of the Meals on Wheels program.

* Occupancy rate of 84.2% at Council’s Child Care Centres.

* Airport expansion project finalised.

*132 development applications determined.

* Suma Park Dam upgrades performing well.

 Well done Orange City Council!