Residents might have noticed extra children on the roads in recent weeks and that’s the idea behind a road safety campaign designed to remind drivers to “Watch out, kids about”.
Child-like stickers have been appearing on Orange and Cabonne residents’ wheelie bins in an attempt to remind drivers that children were unpredictable and likely to be running around suburban streets.
City of Orange Traffic Committee chair Russell Turner said the stickers were a “colourful and positive” road safety reminder.
“There’s no way Orange City Council can put up road safety signs in every street so this is a great way for the community to help tell that story,” Cr Turner said.
“Every time residents put their bins out there’s a visual reminder to be aware there could be children running around.”
“I’d like to thank JR Richards for helping with this initiative.”
Orange and Cabonne Rad Safety Officer Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan said the stickers were designed to be “strong, emotive” reminders to slow down and pay attention.
“They’re so realistic. They’re pictures of actual children, they’re not will have more of an impact on the driver to remind them that in local streets we have our local children and they are vulnerable,” she said.
“We the adults need to be aware and slow down and keep vigilant.”
The large stickers, launched by the Australian Road Safety Foundation, which feature photos of children stepping towards the road and speed limit signs, are designed to provide a strong visual road safety reminder to motorists.
According to the foundation more than 30 per cent of crashes occur on Australian streets with speed limits under 60km/hr.
Statistics also show that accidents are most likely to occur on weekdays, during daylight hours, when children are most likely to be crossing roads.
Cr Turner said it was important to note the stickers should not be placed over any bar code or serial numbers on the side of the bins.
The stickers can be ordered through the Orange and Community Information Centre, at 79 Kite Street, for $10 or the Australian Road Safety Foundation website