A new not for profit campaign is under way to urge people across New South Wales to spread more of the good stuff.

The “Love Can Move Mountains” campaign is focused on promoting more love and more positivity in all communities.

It will be actively seeking to raise funds for WellWishers which is a unique Australian charity that has built hundreds of wells in Ethiopia to help people who cannot access clean water.  Since 2002, WellWishers has built a staggering 681 wells in Ethiopia.  The slogan behind the campaign is “Spread Love.  Build Wells.  Save Lives.”

Celebrities who are backing the “Love Can Move Mountains” initiative include marathon swimmer Tammy van Wisse who swam the entire length of the Murray River and holds numerous world records, Hey Hey It’s Saturday icon John Blackman, Olympic Gold medal swimmer Duncan Armstrong and media personality Sandra Sully. Also supporting is Richard Ashton who was in “Titanic”.

Dr Steven Stosny who has appeared on Oprah and many other major shows and is the founder of Compassion Power has also contributed to the project.

Ambassador Tammy van Wisse said, “This is a humble and simple project focused on reminding all of us that in our hi-tech times love is critically important.  Human kindness in daily life has enormous power.  Love is powerful.  Whether it’s a little or a lot, love always helps.”

Tammy is asking schools, individuals and community groups across New South Wales to get involved in the project in some way. She says all organisers are asking people to do is to promote more compassion and love in the community and consider raising some money to build more wells in Ethiopia.

She is hoping schools will want to raise money to help get wells built pointing out that children get so many obvious benefits from working on positive projects build on compassion.  Tammy says it is as simple as adopting the cause, raising funds and then donating to WellWishers.

She highlights many people in Ethiopia live on less than $1 a day. She points out huge number of people cannot access clean water. $6,000 can get a well built that will then provide clean water for at least 1,700 people.

“Love Can Move Mountains” campaign organisers suggest people consider the following:

·         Kindness is contagious. Do it daily.   Actively carry out acts of kindness.

·         Tell people how much you appreciate them.

·         Give to charity – imagine being in others’ shoes.

·         Assume the best in other people.

·         Practice compassion on other people you know and consider why others may be the way they are.

·         Tell your kids you love them. Tell your partner. Tell your family.  Spread love.

·         The more love you give, the more you receive. What goes around comes around.

·         Give somebody a hug or a smile – just do it. Brightening someone else’s day is a great thing to do.

The centrepiece to the new campaign is an extensive website packed with free ideas to show people how to feel happier and spread more positivity. It contains a huge bank of information covering everything from ways to spread love, why hugging is scientifically good for you, performing random acts of kindness, how children can spread more love, and more.  It took over a year to develop the website.

The website is at www.lovecanmovemountains.com.au. The website covers a range of areas including:

  • Action tips on kindness and love
  • Articles on building trust
  • Practical tips to help you spread love
  • Practical tips to help you spread kindness and the power of kindness
  • Ways to radiate love and understanding happiness
  • The benefits of being positive
  • The power of hugging and how it can help and heal
  • Scientific proof that shows positivity helps people with mental and physical health
  • Practical tips for parents to consider including tips from a huge number of mums and dads offering their wisdom to others

Campaign supporter Deirdre Rolfe – who has over 20 years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor and has spoken internationally -  points out a huge amount of scientific evidence now proves active kindness simply makes us feel better and ethical behaviour has a clear effect on the brain.

Deirdre Rolfe – who trained in Quebec and works in Australia - said, “Researchers have found we unconsciously and automatically mimic the emotional expressions of other. In many cases, particularly in close proximity or when we are around people we know, our emotions can be influenced, good or bad. These emotions released into the environment are positive or negative contagions. We can "catch" other people's emotions.”

“Some of the most powerful expressions of love are not in what we say, but in what we do. The most fundamental link to humankind is love.  It crosses all socio-economical, racial-cultural, gender and language barriers as love is a mutual basic human need. Sometimes, the greatest demonstration of love is not in what you say, but through action that says I see you, you are loved and you matter."

Ross Woodward – who works in communication – helped create the project. Ross Woodward said, “When I first met Ross Allan from WellWishers I was blown away that someone could simply decide to build wells in Ethiopia and then just do it.”

“What I know is this. Love is the key and the key is to love. When we offer love to others, we are helping ourselves as well.  We want to inspire others.  There isn’t another website like the one we have created.  We have tried to pull together a massive bank of information that shows you the very real practical power of love.”

Tania Crockett – who is a Reiki Master – and campaign supporter said,  “If more people lived from the heart and thought about love and what it can achieve there may not be so many sad, unhappy, angry people in the world today.  Love is about being the best you can be and firstly love yourself and the person you are. Then you can love others better.”

“It is about giving a stranger a quick smile in the supermarket or picking up something that someone has dropped and giving it back to them. You can show love in so many ways. It doesn’t have to cost you anything, just a simple gesture could make the difference for someone who isn’t feeling too loved at that time.”

Ross Allan from WellWishers said, “We are a group of Australians raising money to help people in Northern Ethiopia by creating hand dug water wells. Women spend over 3 hours a day collecting water every day of the year. Building a well to provide clean water changes all that.  Sadly 1 in 5 children in Ethiopia dies before the age of 5 essentially because of dirty water.  Ultimately for around $6,000 we can get a well built. All donations are tax deductible. We have now built hundreds of wells.”

To get more information, just go to www.lovecanmovemountains.com.au.  If you want to go to the WellWishers website direct, visit www.wellwishersethiopia.com.