This is 26-year-old Nicholas Jones. Nicholas has cerebral palsy but refuses to let the condition define him. More so, he is determined to help others in spite of it.

Nicholas hates the word cancer and literally jumps every time he hears it. Nicholas is very aware of how cancer affects people and their families as he has lost many loved ones and has supported his grandmother and mother through breast cancer. Nicholas wants to show people how someone who has experienced the negative side of cancer, can turn the situation upside down by making it a goal to help find a cure for this terrible condition. Disability or not, a little money or a lot, every bit helps.

Last year was Nicholas’ first time attending the Orange and Districts Relay for Life as a member of team Family and Friends In Pink and he loved it!

So much so, that as soon as he knew registration had opened again for 2016, he wanted to sign up.

The thing was though, that Nicholas Mum wouldn’t have the time to captain a team at the 2017 Relay for life because she has volunteered to be the Teams Coordinator on the committee.

Nicholas wanted to take over as team captain of Family and Friends In Pink. With the support of his carer, Sue Duchnaj, and his cousin Carolyn Grevink they convinced Nicholas’ Mum to give him a go at being captain.

The Orange and Districts Relay for Life is celebrating their 15th Anniversary in 2017 and boy has the committee got some big plans on the drawing board. Nicholas loves nothing better than a celebration and what better thing to be celebrating than life? Past, present and future.

Celebrate the life of those who are no longer with us for we were blessed to have known them. Celebrate the life that is because it is so precious and we never know what’s around the corner. Celebrate the lives we are helping to save by fundraising to help pay for the research that WILL one-day cure cancer forever.

*Thanks to Nicholas’ mum Louise for taking the time to speak with Orange City Life.

Nicholas hosted his Spring Into Relay with Partylite Fundraising Event on Saturday and raised $400. A great start to his fundraising efforts for the 2017 Orange and District Relay for Life.  

If you’d like to help Nicholas raise some much needed funding, follow the link below.