FB_Winter lawn care

No matter what your lawn expertise, Turf Australia has some simple tips to get your lawn into
top shape this spring.

Backyard Beginner?

Have a patch of lawn but not sure what to do with it? Fertilising is one quick, no fuss way to bring out the best in your lawn this spring.

Choose a slow release fertiliser and sprinkle it evenly across the lawn. If you can, check the forecast and fertilise before rain is predicted. If not, just give the lawn a good water to help flush the nutrients down to the grassroots.

Mid-level Maintenance?

Aerating will give an established lawn a kick-start for spring by breaking up the soil underneath to let in sunshine, oxygen and water. You only need to aerate if your lawn’s soil is compacted – you can check by pushing a screwdriver into the soil. If it’s difficult to push in, it is likely you need to aerate.

Using a garden fork, push it about 7-10cm into your lawn and repeat in 10-20cm intervals across your lawn. If you have a big yard or it’s heavily compacted, it’s worth hiring an aerating machine for about $15-25 from the local hire shop or nursery.

Turf Master?

Even the best-looking lawn can build up thatch, which is the layer between the soil and where your grass turns green. Too much thatch can cause new grass roots to grow in the thatch rather than the soil, leaving the lawn feeling spongy and susceptible to brown sunspots in the summer heat.

To break up the thatch, give your lawn a good rake first one way, and then
the other in a grid or lower your mower height by one notch and mow the
grass. Repeat this 2-3 times, each time lowering the mower a notch each

FINAL TIP: Not sure whether turf if best for your backyard? Try our turf cost calculator to find
out the best value surface for your yard.
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