Around 15,000 Australians are being taken unexpectedly due to sudden cardiac death every year, according to new analysis released by the National Heart Foundation of Australia today to coincide with the launch of their annual Big Heart Appeal*.

Heart Foundation’s National CEO, Adjunct Professor John Kelly AM said the impact of losing a loved one is devastating, and when it happens without warning it’s much harder to comprehend.

“This September we’re raising awareness about sudden cardiac death and funds for research – so with your help, together we can stop other families from losing loved ones unexpectedly,” Adj Prof Kelly said.

“Sudden cardiac death is tragic and can happen to people at any age.”

Sadly around 1,250 families will lose a loved one to sudden cardiac death while the Big Heart Appeal is being held this September.

Adj Prof Kelly said the Big Heart Appeal is all about Australians coming together to save lives and fund research into heart disease.

“The Heart Foundation is already funding researchers who are investigating many of the causes of sudden cardiac death and how we can treat and prevent it,” he said.

“We need your help. The fight against heart disease and sudden loss of our loved ones depends on vital heart research continuing.

“This September, more than 65,000 big-hearted volunteers will be knocking on doors in their neighbourhood to help raise over $2.5 million to fund world-class research.

“With your generous support we can continue funding research into areas such as sudden cardiac death and help save more precious lives.

“Your change can help make a change. Please give generously if someone knocks on your door, or help them out, as they can’t knock on every door, by knocking on ours at and donate online.”

Qantas Assure and Fitbit are major partners of the Heart Foundation and proud campaign supporters of the Big Heart Appeal. Qantas Assure is the only health insurance membership with access to a wellness program endorsed by the Heart Foundation. Fitbit is a pioneer and leader in connected health and fitness and empowers people to lead healthier, more active lives.

You can help by volunteering or donating generously to the Big Heart Appeal.