Award winning crime writer Candice Fox will be giving an author talk at Orange City Library on Monday 15th August at 12.30pm. Please book your place by calling the library on 6393 8132.

When award-winning crime writer Candice Fox was a child, the books on her parents’ bookshelf beckoned her. Packed with Anne Rice, Stephen King and more, one author stood out: James Patterson. She never imagined that one day she would be collaborating with him on one of his global bestsellers, and co-creating one of his most memorable characters to date.

Candice’s love of writing – particularly all things dark – stems from a childhood exposed to tales of violence, madness and evil told to her by her parole-officer father; running around Long Bay Gaol: midnight rouses from slumber by the arrival of temporary foster siblings; a house wired with CCTV; and a family bookshelf littered with true crime novels. The cynical and trouble-making teenager turned to writing crime and gothic fiction as a means to escape the chaos of her home life. Her novels have gone on to win awards and acclaim from media, retailers and readers alike.

In Never Never, Sydney Detective Harriet Blue has been sent to the unforgiving West Australian desert, where three young people have vanished from the Bandya Mine. It’s now Harry’s job, along with her brand-new partner, Whitt, to discover the truth behind their disappearance: have they simply returned to their lives, or have they met with a more sinister fate?

Not content with just one tale of Harriet Blue, the hot-headed detective also features in a BookShot, Black and Blue, which was released in June; a prequel to Never Never.

“I’m really proud of what James and I have come up with in these two stories. Detective Harriet Blue has been a real joy to write, and we’ve surrounded her with cool people. I just can’t wait until she’s finally out there. I think everyone’s going to love these murderous tales,” Candice says.

About the author Candice Fox

Hades, Candice Fox’s first novel, won the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. The sequel, Eden, won the Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel in 2015, making Candice only the second author to win these accolades back-to-back. Also, in the 2015 Davitt Awards, Hades was Highly Commended in the debut category.

Candice is the middle child of a large, eccentric family from Sydney’s Western suburbs composed of half, adopted and pseudo siblings. The daughter of a parole officer and an enthusiastic foster-carer, Candice spent her childhood listening around corners to tales of violence, madness and evil as her father relayed his work stories to her mother and older brothers.