Last year the Orange City Life team found themselves to be a little sluggish and tired around 3pm on a Wednesday, after all - print day is Tuesday and it can be a very hectic time for us so come Wednesday afternoon’s, we’re all ready for a nap. With our heads resting on the desk, we discussed this phenomenon; and decided we could help the Orange community on a Wednesday (Hump Day), even if we couldn’t help ourselves. We’re all familiar with the feeling of time dragging on or not having enough to eat at lunch, or just trying to get through a tough hump day. The office or outdoor workplace shouldn’t be a place for grumbling tummies!

From that, the ‘The Hump Day Slumpbuster’ was born. A generous donation of goodies from Roberts Bakery Orange whom now have relocated and rebranded as Village Bakehouse and as part of their official opening this week, they were only too happy to allow us to give you the opportunity to defeat the Wednesday slump.

To get your sugar into you, visit and register your business. Make sure you include a contact name and number AND the reason you deserve the Hump Day Slumpbuster!

Here are some previous Hump Day Slumpbuster winners with their goodies.

*All previous entries remain valid.