Writers from the Central West are encouraged to join a new free group that plans to meet monthly for a cuppa to swap ideas, tips, chat about work and get to know peers.

The idea of Margaret Paton and Denise Mills, the Central West Freelance Writers’ Group plans to hold its first meeting on 26 August at 9:30am, at Millthorpe Corner Shop.

“We chose Millthorpe as it is quite central to residents of Blayney, Bathurst and Orange. So far we’ve had interest from each of those areas,” said Denise.

The group is not about competition, it’s about mojo. The aim is for the group to function as a kind of ‘watercooler’ chat session that office-bound folks might enjoy.

For more info, contact Denise Mills on hello@denisemills.biz or 0432 563 720.