People dread a diagnosis of prostate cancer for a good reason: it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men.  It is reported that almost 20,000 men Australia wide will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the end of the year and over 3,300 men will die as a direct cause of prostate cancer.  

A free seminar is being offered to educate men on male urinary incontinence and erectile restoration, and will conclude with questions from the community.

The seminar will be hosted by local Urological Surgeons Dr Tim Nicholson and Dr Clair Whelan. Registration opens at 6.30pm and the talk will begin at 7.00pm on Wednesday 31st August 2016 at Orange Base Hospital on Forest Road in Orange. The event will provide an opportunity for the community to learn, share their experiences and ask questions about male urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, anyone suffering from these conditions is invited and encouraged to attend. 

“Men tend to put their health to the back of mind, delaying the issue to another day which often never comes until it is too late.  Yet our health should be our number one priority. Today more than ever it’s important that men from the age of 50 years old start having annual check-ups,” says Urological Surgeon Dr Tim Nicholson.

“Prostate cancer affects men of all ages – it is never too early or too late to start taking preventative measures. Information can sometimes be difficult to source; this men’s health seminar intends to tackle these issues head on.  We want to educate and empower men and their families to make informed decisions and take educative steps to restore their lives” says Dr Clair Whelan. 

Many men choose to suffer in silence, thankful they have survived prostate cancer.  Yet as a result of their decision to remain silent lifestyles can become limited and restricted out of embarrassment, despair and shame2,3, which in turn can cause feelings of depression, isolation and loss of self-esteem4.  This seminar provides an educational and informative opportunity for those men and their families seeking more information.

The men’s health seminar is FREE and open to the public.  Bookings are encouraged, please call 1800 642 369 to reserve your seat.

Date: Wednesday 31st August 2016
Registration opens at 6.30pm and the talk will begin at 7.00pm
Venue:  Community Health Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Orange Base Hospital              
1502 Forest Road, Orange
Guest Speakers: Urological Surgeons Dr Tim Nicholson and Dr Clair Whelan