Words by Bob Holland

This story is not about my singing, so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. It is however, about singing, the Orange Male Voice Choir to be precise.

This group has been making wonderful music for us since 1926 and this year, they're celebrating those 90 years with a number of activities culminating in a Grand Concert on November 5. More about that later, for now I want to tell you about a drive they're having to recruit new members.

Over the weekend of November 5 and 6, and as part of the celebrations, the Choir will be holding a very special weekend workshop where they are hoping to welcome a number of new members into the Choir. The workshop will provide participants with a wonderful experience of choral singing and learning including input from Paul Jarman, an outstanding Australian choral director and composer who will be a very special guest for the weekend.

Currently around 40 locals make up the Orange Male Voice Choir and from all reports they absolutely love it. I have a friend, John McDonald, who's been a member for over 20 years and he tells of the wonderful times he's had over the years, the wonderful friendships he's made, the adventures he's had singing with the Choir and not just here in Orange, but around Australia and even overseas at times. He said, before his time of course and apart from other notable occasions throughout those 90 years, the Choir sang at the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Interested in singing with the Choir?
If you’re a male, a teenager or older, enjoy singing and can sing in tune, the Orange Male Voice Choir could add a whole new dimension to your life experience, your well-being and your overall enjoyment. The benefits and opportunities for members are numerous and ongoing, as are the friendships to be made. To explore the possibilities, register for the November workshop before August 31. You can do that online at www.omvc.org.au or call Music Director Barry Patterson on 0428 779 725 if you’d like a registration form or more information.