By Jamie Stedman

A few weeks back my ‘good’ friend Dan Pritchard, he of Dr. Ven fame, hit upon a wonderful idea… Let’s raise some money for charity.

That was it. No clues who, how or why – just do something. It’s that last bit that sucked me in…
Just do something… Bit of a life motto of mine. We tossed a few ideas around and eventually hit on something we hope will get a few people interested. Please know that every dollar raised will go to the various charities at our wonderful Orange Health Service and is nothing more than us trying to do our bit to help. If we can have a bit of fun whilst doing so, even better.

The simple premise is this: You can ‘hire’ my services to come work for your business for an hour for a one-off charitable donation of a minimum of $50. Whilst there, if you’re that way inclined, you could set me some other challenges and these would then cost you more… I make good coffee/tea…

There are some limits, of course, like – I can’t reach high things etc. – so please be reasonable.
It’s hoped that all tasks or challenges can be done inside business hours – I do still have to work at some stage. Each challenge/work place task will be filmed for a bit more fun and put up on Facebook as another way of recognising your contribution to local charity. We’ll do follow ups in OC Life and keep a running tab of how much we raise.

Sounds like something, doesn’t it?

First cab off the rank is Washington & Co. Owner Scott Mileto has 'hired' my services for one whole hour for $100. On this evening, Scott will donate $1 from each order I take and on the night will donate a bottle of whiskey for us to raffle off. All proceeds going to Orange Health Service! Thanks Scotty! Date to be set for this one and will be announced shortly.
Dan has created a Facebook page – “Stedo’s Charity Challenges” and already we’ve received some interesting ideas… I’m open to nearly all of them so we’ll see!