As the festive season approaches, Australian and New Zealand pet owners are being reminded to check if they still have a PetSafe® Brand or SportDOG® Brand power adaptor.

In October of this year, after being alerted to a potentially serious safety issue with plug inserts on power adapters for some of their products, Radio Systems Australia (RSA) issued a critical electrical safety recall.

RSA’s General Manager, Jamie Hildebrand, said the concern was with plug inserts on power adaptors for PetSafe® Brand and SportDOG® Brand products manufactured between 2009 and 2016.

He said the plug insert was the part with the two prongs that attached to the adaptor box, enabling it to plug into Australian and New Zealand power points.

“Some of the plug inserts have a manufacturing fault that causes them to break apart while being unplugged from a power socket,” Mr Hildebrand said.

“If customers have one of our products manufactured between 2009 and 2016, it is critical they do not attempt to unplug it.

“Safety is of the utmost importance, so we ask all customers to call us on 1800 786 608 (Australia) or 0800 543 054 (NZ) or to visit our website at to receive important instructions and support to remove it safely.”

Mr Hildebrand said with many people taking time out with their families and friends during the holiday season, it was the ideal time to check their products.

“With the festive season approaching, we are asking our customers to take a few minutes during their break to check their products and contact us if they need a replacement,” Mr Hildebrand said.

“Once a customer reports their product to us, we will send them a new plug insert within days, which will slide into the existing adaptor.

“We continue to be committed to taking the greatest possible precautions to keep our customers, their pets and families safe this Christmas season.”

Radio Systems Australia is encouraging any customers to phone 1800 786 608 (Australia) or 0800 543 054 (NZ) or visit for a list of all impacted products and important safety information.