Orange By-election

The NSW State by-election for the Seat of Orange on November 12th will be a defining a moment for the NSW LNP Baird Government.

Cause of by-election Sitting Nationals MP Andrew Gee resigned from the state parliament to successfully run for the federal seat of Calare at the 2016 federal election.

Margin – NAT 21.7%

Location Central west NSW. Orange covers the entirety of the Orange, Cabonne, Forbes and Parkes council areas, with the main centres being in the cities of Orange, Forbes and Parkes.

  • Alan Jones and Ray Hadley will stage a community forum to discuss key election issues on Thursday Evening November 10th from 6pm
  • Alan Jones and Ray Hadley will broadcast their radio programs from 5:30am to Midday Live from Orange on Thursday November 10th
  • Macquarie Media is inviting listeners to join Alan and Ray LIVE from Orange Ex-Services’ Club for the broadcast and public forum.

Alan Jones Comments;

“Both Ray and I are mindful of this being a critical by-election in which notice must be served on the New South Wales Government that certain decisions of the past have the potential to significantly affect those people who will be voting on November 12. Of course the greyhound decision has had a lot of publicity but there will be no legislation introduced until next year. And behind the scenes, the bureaucracy are working to dismantle the industry in other ways. Then there is the issue of forced council amalgamations. There’s also the issue of coal seam gas on prime agricultural land. There’s the further issue of education and a Safe Schools programme being introduced into education with the sexualisation of our children in schools. Above all there is a deep-seated concern that the Government is not listening and when that happens, democracy itself is at threat. All these issues and others will be discussed. And as a media network we pride ourselves on going out to our audience, listening to the audience and responding effectively where we can to their concerns”.