Refunds will be fast-tracked for people affected by the recent floods and they will have additional time to lodge income tax returns and activity statements.

Automatic deferrals are now in place for upcoming lodgment and payment dates (excluding large pay as you go with holders) for people within the New South Wales central west postcodes of 2671, 2804, 2805, 2806, 2870, 2871, 2875, 2876 and 2877.

For monthly and quarterly activity statements due in October, the new lodgement date is 28 January 2017. Similarly, those with income tax returns due in October 2016 now have until 31 January 2017 to lodge.

Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan said taxpayers do not need to apply for a deferral or a faster refund.

“If your business or residential address is in one of the identified affected postcodes it will happen automatically. You can visit our website to see the new lodgment dates and check if your region is included. Further postcodes may be added as needed, so check our website for more information,” Mr Jordan said.

“People outside of the identified postcodes that have been impacted by the disaster are still able to contact us for assistance on 1800 806 218. If you are experiencing any difficulties meeting your tax obligations, please contact us so we can assist.

We understand that for many people their tax affairs are the last thing on their minds right now. When people are ready, we will make sure they are supported in meeting their tax obligations.”

The ATO can also provide more time for people to pay tax debts and can help reconstruct tax records where documents have been destroyed.
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