Bob Holland

Every progressive business will want to be part of this!

The OC Life Nifty and New Product and Business Showcase is on September 4 so if you’re in business, put it in your calendar. If you’re not in business, still keep the date free because it’s something you’ll want to see.

I believe our Nifty and New Product and Business Showcase on September 4 (Father’s Day) is a concept that has never been done before in Orange and for that reason, needs a little explaining.

Essentially, what we’re trying to do is to stage an event where hundreds and hundreds of people will come along for a look. Whenever a business has a big crowd of people to work with, something positive usually comes out of it. One only has to think of the highly successful ‘Market Day’ concept to understand the principle of gathering a great number of people together in one place, at the one time to generate business.

Our Showcase is being staged at the spectacular Oak Ridge Events Centre at Turners Vineyard on the road to Lucknow, it was formerly known at the Red Oak Function Centre. The Showcase presents an economical and meaningful opportunity for local business owners to be part of such a worthwhile event, enabling them to further promote who they are and what they do.

There are a number of ways our Showcase lets business owners do that and we’ve built in enough flexibility to accommodate most needs. For efficiency, let me highlight in brief terms, how business owners and visitors to the event can benefit.

How to benefit as a business owner:
Whether a small or large local retail business, a service provider of some type, even a tradesperson, you have the chance to put your name, your business and some of your newer or niftier products, or your service on show. No matter how big you are or how long you’ve been around, there are always people who have never heard of you and could be potential new customers.
This Showcase gives you a number of ways to have a presence there. You can do something as simple as paying $22 to leave a quantity of your business cards on display for people to peruse and pick up those of interest. For as little as $35 you can leave a quantity of product brochures or catalogues on display for people to pick up in the same way. With potentially thousands of visitors on the day looking over what’s on show, it’s inevitable a number will pick up your cards or brochures out of interest in what you do or offer. For $165, you can be there in person to talk about what you do or exhibit some of the products that even your existing customers may not know about.

The bottom line is, this is your opportunity to get your business or service in front of a lot of people in a short space of time, many who may not yet know you exist. The benefit of doing this is immeasurable but good sense says, the potential could be anything, depending on how you go about using the opportunity to its best advantage.

How to benefit as a visitor:
Like anything of this type, it’s as much about discovering local businesses and services that may be able to help you as it is about entertainment. It would be extremely unusual if even one person who came along to this Showcase didn’t enjoy themselves or discover or see a number of products or services that interested them, and in time that they would either purchase or use.

This Showcase is being held on Father’s Day and that present’s families with an opportunity to spend time with Dad doing something the whole family can enjoy. There’s a couple of $250 lucky door prizes also to be won and coffee and a sausage sizzle available to ward off any hunger pains.

Any business owner who would like more details or like to participate, please call either Leanne or myself (Bob Holland) at our office on 6361 3575 or email me