Media interview

Bob Holland

Sometimes I feel that all I ever write about is negative stuff but sadly, there’s so much rot going on around us, one just feels that if you don’t at least say something, nothing will change.

Take politics, surely the day will come when our politicians and the candidates in an election will decide to play the game differently. It’s all become horribly predictable and downright annoying, not forgetting embarrassing to watch as well. Watching and listening to our politicians in action, at all levels of government, is like watching trained animals in a Circus. Watching how the candidates are performing in the upcoming by election is also predictable and tiresome to say the least. And then we’re confronted with what’s going on in the US election and that’s an even bigger Circus, but again, no different to what’s gone on during every US election since time began other than the calibre of the candidates. Nuff said!

I just wish candidates and politicians would be themselves, speak their mind truthfully and not simply say what their party wants them to say or what they think people want to hear. What they do now is anything but noble. But I reckon there’s a bigger issue and this one could be killing us as a nation.

All the political shenanigans have brought us to a point where whoever is in government virtually can’t govern. The result is that very little is getting done, most worthwhile progress is almost at a standstill and this in turn has caused many of us to become apathetic towards almost everything. In other words, too many people don’t feel good about things generally and that’s impacting on our nation in all manner of ways. For example, happy people spend money more freely than unhappy people. If enough people are unhappy and don’t spend as freely as they might otherwise, the impact on our nation’s economy will be significant and in my view, extremely damaging. I think this is happening now but we just don’t know it’s happening and my feeling is that our politicians simply aren’t savvy enough to realise that it’s them who are causing the problem.

Many people may disagree with me but I’m 110% certain that if we as a nation, felt better about things in general, it would show itself in increased spending right across the spectrum. If or when that happens, many other issues such as unemployment and business profitability would not be the troublesome issues they’ve become now. While ever our businesses are making money, there’ll be jobs to have and growth generally.

We simply need to get the wheels of spending rolling again at a good rate and the only way that’s going to happen is when our pollies start to work together for the greater good and not simply for any personal agendas. It’s not rocket science and people aren’t stupid. It’s time for our politicians to stand up and start to show us their more noble side.